Cassie Scot Edits Are In!

The first round of edits for my upcoming urban fantasy novel, Cassie Scot: Normal Detective, are in!

What this means for you: Not much, to be honest, although it looks more likely that February 2013 will be the publication date. I expect the cover art reveal to be more exciting.

What this means for me: I get to spend the next week or so doing another thorough read-through of my novel. The comments don’t look extensive, at a glance, so it shouldn’t be difficult, but it does need to be done.

Truthfully, I didn’t expect the editorial remarks to be extensive — I’ve rewritten this book more times than some people think is wise. And those people may have a point, because that spark of energy fades over time, but ultimately I feel that every change I made to this novel was for the better. Compared to my earlier drafts, Cassie is a more dynamic character, Evan (the love interest) is a more dynamic character, the ending makes more sense, and there are lots of little tidbits that won’t mean anything to you until you’ve read the rest of the series, but which should, upon reflection, reassure you that I had a plan all along. (I really do!) 🙂

FTR, I’m working on the last book in the series now, and am on a roll. My only concern is how putting it down to go back to the beginning will affect that roll. I’ve put down current drafts to work on edits in the past, of course, but never a draft that is part of the same series. Things have changed so much for Cassie… I wonder what it will be like to go back to the beginning from the turmoil of the end.

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