Movie Review: Super 8

I don’t normally do movie reviews because I almost never get to the movies. When you have two young children, the cost of a movie goes well beyond the $10 per person ticket prices — the baby-sitter will often run you that much per hour! By the time I do see movies, thanks to Netflix, there doesn’t seem much point in reviewing them because they’re old news.

Yesterday, however, my husband took me out for my birthday and we got to see Super 8 in the theaters. With all the action, it was a good movie to see on a big screen, especially during the spectacular train crash scene.

The premise: It’s 1979, and six teens are filming a zombie movie. One night, while out on a shoot, they witness a strange train crash. Within minutes, air force personnel swarm onto the scene, and from there, things get really weird.

The characters were great, and the actors who played the kids did an admirable job. Each one came to life in the short two hours the movie had, especially Joe, whose mother dies at the beginning of the movie.

In fact, for the first hour and forty-five minutes I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The trouble is, the ending sucked. I can’t say how without spoiling things, but it truly disappointed, especially after the great setup.

This movie is more creepy than horrifying, and while there are moments of intensity, a lot of the suspense builds gradually.

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  1. I just saw it last night as well. I thought Dakota Fanning’s sister was exceptional in it. She’s grown so much.

    The ending was a little hokey, esp the part when he’s picked up by you know what. But other than that I loved it. 🙂

    • Is that who played Alice? I wish I were up on actors/actresses names! (It would help when people inevitably ask, “If your book were made into a movie…”) But yeah, she was probably the best little actor in the group.

  2. Oh, and my husband wanted to add that the tickets were $12 each, not $10, because we went after 4:00. No wonder we never see movies at the theater!

    I do plan to see Harry Potter part 7 part 2 at the theaters, though.

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