Characters Welcome: Kaida

 You could call Kaida’s life a Cinderella story, if Cinderella had a psychopath for a stepsister and a ninja master instead of a fairy godmother.   Kaida is an ama, a pearl diver, living in a tiny speck of a town that clings like a barnacle to the coast of Japan. She has no last […]

Interview with Audiobook Narrator Melissa Reizian Frank

Melissa Reizian Frank is the voice talent behind the new audiobook version of Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective. When I put Cassie Scot up on ACX for auditions, I got over two dozen applicants! After listening to the first few paragraphs of my book that many times, I was getting pretty tired of hearing it. Plus, […]

The Origins of the Displaced Detective

The Origins of the Displaced Detective By Stephanie Osborn, The Interstellar Woman of Mystery I suppose the first thing you should know about me is that, well, I really AM one of those rocket scientists you hear about. With degrees in four sciences and subspecialties in a couple more, I worked in the civilian and […]

Characters Welcome: Mariko Oshiro

I didn’t exactly meet Mariko Oshiro. Better to say she forced herself on me.   I never intended to write a book about her, but Mariko tends to get what she wants. She’s the only woman in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to have earned the rank of Detective Sergeant, and that means she’s exceptionally […]

Book Feature: Don’t Let the Wind

I’m pleased to share the latest from Aaron Paul Lazar with you, a talented author with a large and growing repertoire of books. Aaron is a fellow Twilight Times author and has become a friend of mine over recent months. I only read my first book by him earlier this summer, but I am excited […]

Characters Welcome: The Curse Giver

Hi, my name is Dora Machado and I’m doing something a little bit unusual but very fun today. I’m interviewing one of the characters of my new fantasy novel, The Curse Giver. But first, let me tell you a little about the story. The Curse Giver is about Lusielle, an innocent healer who is betrayed […]

Characters Welcome: Elisha Barber

I’m pleased to have E. C. Ambrose here today to talk about Elisha Barber, the hero of a brand-new historical fantasy novel by the same name. Author and hero have known one another for ten years, and it began in blood… Characters Welcome About Elisha Barber England in the fourteenth century: a land of poverty and […]

The Creation of El Vengador

The Creation of El Vengador By Stephanie Osborn Deputy Sheriff Michael Kirtchner gets an “unknown disturbance” dispatch call to a remote house trailer in the swamp. There, he discovers an old woman and a dog, terrorized by a mysterious beast, which he takes to be a bear. But when he contacts Game Warden Jeff […]

Characters Welcome: Julia Kogan

Characters Welcome is pleased to bring you Julia Kogan from Erica Miner’s Murder in the Pit. Julia is first introduced by her best friend and colleague, Sidney, before author Erica Miner talks about bringing her main character to life. I first met Julia when she was auditioning for the violin position in the Met Opera […]

Characters Welcome: Phoebe Wynne

Characters Welcome is pleased to introduce Phoebe Wynne, one of the original James Towne colonists who disappeared into the mists. Here she is in her own words… My name is Phoebe Wynne. I originally hail from Dorset, England. In 1609, I sailed the Atlantic with my momma to James Towne, Virginia. Poppa was on another […]