Book Review: Bastion

This series baffles me. First of all: Is it over? If anyone knows, please comment! I don’t feel a burning need to read anything else in the series. It didn’t end on a cliffhanger and the mysteries of the previous volumes are over. And yet if this is the end … talk about an anti-climax! It practically […]

Book Review: Death Sworn

Leah Cypess has once again written a captivating tale of magic and adventure that is appropriate for young adults but engaging for audiences of all ages. Illeni was a powerful sorceress — one of the most powerful. She had her entire life to look forward to, including a young man she planned to marry, but […]

Book Review: The Age of Miracles

In this dystopian novel, we follow a young girl (12) named Julia in the months after the earth’s rotation begins to slow down. I keep seeing it referred to as a “coming of age story,” although I’m not convinced Julia made the transformation from child to adult during the course of the story. For me […]

The Goddess Legacy

Quite simply, this was the most entertaining back story I’ve ever read. 🙂 Disclaimer: I read this series out of order. I normally try not to do this, but circumstances conspired against me, and when I had a chance to read The Goddess Legacy before its release date, I jumped at it. The Goddess Legacy […]

The Goddess Test

I snatched this book up the instant I finished The Goddess Legacy, a sequel to this book which actually goes into the back story. The setup for this book fascinated me — poor Hades (Henry), who had suffered from millenia of unrequited love with Persephone, is alone and wanting to simply fade away. But before […]

Book Review: Zombie Penpal

Back in second grade, you had a pen pal from New Orleans, but she disappeared when Hurricane Katrina hit, and you haven’t heard from her since. Now you’re in 7th grade, and there’s a new girl in school who some thing is a zombie, but who you think reminds you of your old pen pal. […]

Book Review: Griffin’s Fire

I first met Griffin in Griffin Rising, the story of a young angel in training, fighting his way through very human issues and emotions. In that book, his character stole the show. I liked him a lot, and he continued to haunt me even after I stopped reading the book. Which was why I eagerly […]

Choose Your Own Adventure

Last week, when I reviewed Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?, I mentioned my love of “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, but I had no idea that the old series was back, this time published through a new company called Chooseco. A representative of the company contacted me after seeing my (fairly negative) review of […]

Booke Review: Family Skulls

Sixteen-year-old Seth Quitman has a problem: No one will help him. At all. For any reason. You literally wouldn’t give him the time of day, because that would be helping. If he can’t do it alone, he can’t do it at all. Seth’s is only the latest generation to inherit this curse, which has passed […]

Book Review: Nightspell

In a land where assassinations were commonplace, and rival political factions fought for power, came a simple, magical solution: Ghosts, bent on vengeance for the ones who murdered them. But what if those ghosts would rather live an eternal half-life? In Ghostland, there are almost as many dead as living, and out of respect for […]