Mind Games Release and BOOK BOMB!!!!

  Today is the day! Mind Games, book three in the Cassie Scot series, is available in ebook format. I am once again calling upon my loyal series followers who plan to purchase this book to do it TODAY to help boost the Amazon sales rank through the roof! Buy now (ebook) Amazon Barnes and […]

Audiobook Release Dates

I am so excited that many of my readers are choosing to listen to Cassie Scot’s story! I myself am an audiobook reader (almost by necessity) and it gives me great pleasure to present these books to you in a format you can listen to while you drive, work, or relax. I DO plan to […]

Life Cycle of a Novel: Slow and Steady

There are a lot of approaches to writing a rough draft. Some do it in spurts, writing tends of thousands of words in a few days. I’m more of a slow and steady kind of writer. I set measured weekly goals that I break down into daily goals — although if I’m on a roll […]

Touch of Fate FREE This Week

  Touch of Fate was my debut novel, first published in 2006, a story of suspense about a woman who can predict the future but who cannot change the things she sees. Marianne knows the future can’t be changed, but sometimes even a lifetime of experience can’t keep her from wanting to try. Sometimes, it’s […]

Audiobooks: Because you can’t skim them.

A few weeks ago I spotted a blog hosting a 2014 book review challenge — the more books you review, the cooler your bragging rights. I was keen to sign up; after all, I read hundreds of books a year (yes, 2-3 per week). But the guidelines specified that audiobooks were not allowed. 🙁 I […]

Secrets and Lies Audiobook Release

Secrets and Lies (Cassie Scot #2) is now an audiobook! I once again teamed up with Melissa Reizian Frank in order to give Cassie a consistent, engaging voice. I am very excited to be bringing this series to you in every format currently available in the market today — you can read it on any […]

Secrets and Lies Print Release!

  For those who like the feel of a real book in your hands, it’s here! Secrets and Lies, the second book in the Cassie Scot mystery series, is now available with that new-book scene and actual, turnable pages! And if you haven’t read Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective, you can get that too. They make nice […]

The Life Cycle of a Novel: The First Doubt

Ah, and it doesn’t take long, does it? No sooner do words begin to intrude upon the perfection of the blank slate than the first doubt creeps in. Possibility turns to reality, and the reality never truly lives up to the dream. The first doubts are niggling, tearing at my confidence and trying to convince […]