Movie Review: Timeline

This 2003 movie is available for streaming on Netflix. I found this movie to be lifeless. Plot and characters were thin, without enough supporting details to fill in a complete picture of what, precisely, was going on by the end. In this movie, a professor goes back to 1357, gets trapped there, and 7 people […]

TV Review: Lost Girl Pilot

This show is not instantly hooky, but I do plan to press on. Lost Girl has topped my recommendations list at several sites since it first aired three years ago. As a matter of fact I tried the first ten minutes or so of the show a year back, but I was in a judgmental […]

Movie Review: Impostor

Spencer Olham is arrested because Major Hathaway believes he is a cyborg posing as a human, set to explode when he gets close to the chancellor. The human race has been at war with the Alpha Centauri for decades, and there is a climate of fear many are willing to kill first, and ask questions […]

Movie Review: Catching Fire

I’ve done a couple of movie reviews in the past, but I have recently decided to add movie and TV reviews as a regular part of my blog. The reason I hesitated is that I almost never get a chance to see a movie in the theater. But then I thought, how many people are […]