Touch of Fate Available for Pre-Order

Touch of Fate is now available for pre-order through Barnes and Noble’s web site. I’m not sure why it says the publication date is October 28th, unless it can get copies before I can! Still, this is all starting to feel very official.  I also want to make everyone aware that you will be able […]

Madeleine L’Engle

One of my all-time favorite authors, Madeleine L’Engle, died last night at the age of 88. A Wrinkle in Time was one of the first science fiction books I ever read…and reread. It was inspirational to me, both as a young reader and as a young writer. The main character, Meg, reminded me a lot […]

Advanced Copies are In!

My first shipment of books came in the mail on Monday and they look nice. The cover art looks pretty much like the cover art on my web page right now, but the title banner is a little different. It feels nice to actually hold my book in my hands. Right now, it doesn’t seem […]

Tentative Release Date

Well, it’s finally here! After months of waiting and wondering, I can tell you that Touch of Fate is expected to come out in trade paperback format in mid-November, 2007! Last week I received one last round of edits. For those who have bought the e-book, don’t worry. There are no substantive changes. In fact, […]

Reader’s Choice

“Touch of Fate” was nominated for a reader’s choice award back in January and the results are in…my novel won 16th place for novels and 13th place for cover art. (out of more than 50 nominees)I have also just received word that “Touch of Fate” is currently the best selling novel through Twilight Times’ web […]


Touch of Fate has been released today to Fictionwise, a popular e-book distributor! This should mean that we are getting ever closer to the highly-anticipated paperback release, too. I will post that date on my front page just as soon as I know it!

Another Review!

I got another rave review of my novel today, which brought a big smile to my face!I know I have not been posting much lately. I wish I ha more news to give you. Believe me, you will know as soon as I do when I have more information about the release date of my […]

What Happens Next?

A while back a friend asked me if my characters came alive in my head and if I ever thought about them afterwards — what happened to them, for example. Yes. To all of it. The characters in Touch of Fat did come alive in my head and those that survived have a future in […]

Alas, Still Nothing New

I truly wish I had something to report to you, but alas, I have nothing. I am only posting because it has been so long and I want to assure you that nothing is missing. I am still waiting on the final cover art, still waiting to see my book on Fictionwise, and still waiting […]

Writer’s Block

After finishing the Immortality Virus I planned on moving on to a new rough draft — Born of Two Worlds. Instead, I suffered 3 months of pure, agonizing writer’s block. I couldn’t force myself to put a single word on the page.I don’t want to get into a long discussion of writer’s block today. There […]