New Novels Update

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog and I apologize. The truth of the matter is that I’ve been so wrapped up in writing my new series that I can scarcely think of anything else. I can say without hesitation that what I’m writing now is the best work I’ve done. […]

The Immortality Virus

I realized today that I forgot to update my blog about the completion of my new science fiction novel, The Immortality Virus. I finished the book in November and am now shopping it around. The Immortality Virus is set in a world in which humanity has stopped growing old thanks to an unknown change that […]

Parkside Books

Last weekend’s book signing at Parkside books was a success! The quaint little shop in Blue Springs, MO sells primarily used books and is a great way for the voracious reader to save money. You never know what you’ll find. The owners are lovely women, eager to point you in the right direction. Saturday was […]

Barnes and Noble Web Site Error Fixed!

Some of you may be aware of this, some may not, but “Touch of Fate” was originally supposed to be available through Barnes and Noble’s web site. In fact, we had quite a few pre-orders through their site because they undercut’s price. I won’t bore you with the details, but shortly before the book […]

Stay Tuned…

Now that the new baby is here and we’re getting past the most tiring parts of having a newborn, my husband is helping me to launch a new marketing campaign for “Touch of Fate.” He’s been doing a great job. I should have hired him as my marketing manager months ago. I guess we all […]

Borders Book Event

My February 16th book event at Borders was a success! The people at Borders were friendly and helpful. Together, we sold many copies of my book and got the word out a little bit. A few of my friends stopped by to support me and bring me chocolate. :=) At the next book event, I […]