When is it done?

Edit. Revise. Rewrite. Repeat. Until the end of time? Possibly. It is difficult to know when something is “done.” In a way, it never is. If you love to write, if you write regularly, then you are always improving your skill. What you write tomorrow will be better than what you wrote yesterday. But when […]

How do I get published?

Now that I am officially published, I feel more confident answering this question. It is the first thing everyone wants to know when I tell them I have a book out. First, I got published by writing a quality novel. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but if your writing is no good then nobody […]

Making Use of Feedback

Since I recently presented a workshop on this subject at the Muse Online Writer’s Conference, it seemed appropriate to put it up on my blog as well. Here is what I presented — it does repeat what I say in the “Honest Feedback” topic just a little bit: If you are serious about becoming a […]

Honest Feedback

One of the most important skills that a writer can learn is how to provide effective feedback. If you want your writing to climb out of interns’ slush piles and into the hands of editors, or even if your stories are ready to become great rather than merely acceptable, you will need to show them […]