Universe of Creativity: A Writer’s Affirmation

Oh universe of creativity, of light and life that dwells in me. I see you out there vast and strong, as curious as time is long. Through me you’ll find a willing heart to think and dream and do my part. I’m a writer through and through; my words are my gift to you. I […]

Kaitlin’s Tale BOOK LAUNCH!!!!

It’s here!!!! The long-awaited and much-anticipated spin-off to the Cassie Scot Series starring Cassie’s best friend, Kaitlin, who was last seen running away with a vampire. How’s that working for her? Not too well, as you can see from this sneak preview. Want to know more? All the answers await in Kaitlin’s Tale. But wait, there’s more! All […]

T Minus 6 Days to Launch!!!!

And the countdown begins … Kaitlin’s Tale will be available in 6 days, on Monday, May 16. The initial cost will be $3.99 (ebook). The print launch comes in July. Meanwhile, I’m hoping all my friends and family and fans and strangers who thing “Huh, that looks good!” and people who read the first Cassie […]

The Jungle Book

I have fond memories of The Jungle Book from my childhood. My favorite part from way back then: The music. The story itself was a bit flat. Which may be why I was so engrossed in the story that came to life in the 2016 remake of The Jungle Book. The modern retelling stayed true […]

Keeping Secrets in Romance

I’ve written more than one blog article on the dangers of withholding information from the reader. If the point of view character knows something that the reader does not, the story keeps the reader at a distance and they can’t properly connect to the characters or events. (Please note, the reader doesn’t need to know […]

Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow

This was an exciting, well-done scifi action flick. The premise is something like Groundhog Day, except there’s an actual reason why the day keeps repeating and staying in the loop is a matter of saving the planet. Aliens, time travel, fast-paced action, and an ending that managed to surprise me. Basically, watch it!

TV Review: Jessica Jones

Netflix’s new original series Jessica Jones is a dark superhero series set in the Marvel Universe. As with many such stories, it was once a comic book. And as with many such stories, especially those set in the Marvel Universe, I didn’t care for it. First, let me be clear: I don’t care if something […]