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Monday, April 14

Tuesday April 15

“Mind Games is certainly my favorite in the Cassie Scot Series so far guys!”

“Mind Games kept me reading late into the night, wondering what would happen next.”

Wednesday April 16

“Mind Games is the third novel in the Cassie Scot series and the author has hit her full stride with this one.  Through the series, the reader has watched Cassie mature from a sweet, naïve, insecure young woman into a capable, self-confident woman who no longer always allows others to direct her life. In facing the trials and tragedies, she has gained depth and dimension. Always a bit strong-headed, she now has a spine of steel and stands her ground.”

Thursday April 17

Overall, I found this book to be a good installment in Cassie Scot’s tale. There was mystery, mind-readers and mages, as well as some long-awaited answers.

Friday April 18

“Ms. Amsden grows as an author with each book.”

  • Guest post: Miki’s Hope — “The World is Full of Blank Pages — My Duty is to Fill Them”

Tuesday April 22

“Final verdict: I’m loving it.”

Frequently Asked Question: “How many books are planned for this series?” Read the interview to learn the answer!

Wednesday April 23

Another book I finished in one sitting–and I can honestly say that I love the way this author writes! Of course she is darn good at leaving you hanging at the end too——-5 Star for sure!

Thursday April 24

Friday April 25

“This is a fabulous series and this latest book continues the tradition.  Cassie Scot is a wonderful character, flawed, human, and utterly charming.  I enjoy getting to know her more with each book.”

Saturday, April 26

Again Christine dies not dissappoint. Witches, sorcerers, mind mages, seers, and crazy church goers add to this book.

Monday April 28

Tuesday April 29

“Amsden is off and running with this one from the first page. It was captivating and suspenseful while remaining entertaining and engaging.”

Wednesday April 30

  • Guest post: Murder By 4 — “First Person: A Matter of Perspective”

Thursday May 1

“I was really excited when I was asked if I wanted to review Mind Games by Christine Amsden. I had already read the first two books in her “Cassie Scot” series, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this third installation. And I’m happy to say that Amsden did not disappoint.”

Friday May 2

“nother brilliant addition to Christine’s thrilling fantasy paranormal series, Mind Games will certainly hook you in from the very start. “

Monday May 5

“Amsden masterfully manages to create each character and make you, as the reader, feel as though you personally know them. She develops each character so fully that the book completely sticks in your mind and makes you desperately want more. Her style as a writer is solid and easily captured me into reading every last word until the book was done. She expertly has interwoven a story with strong characters, a beautiful writing style and an amazing plot into a single story of a girl who starts off unsure of who she is and is slowly turning into a character that the reader feels proud of along the way.

I am definitely waiting in suspense for the next book (which I believe is the last in the series.)”

Tuesday May 6

Once again Cassie manages to overcome despite her lack of magical abilities. I was so proud of her actions at the end. She is truly a remarkable character. The relationship and balance between Evan and Cassie is heart wrenching. I want them to be together and yet it seems they face insurmountable obstacles. If you’ve already read the first two Cassie books, you’ll love Mind Games. If you haven’t… what are you waiting for??

  • Guest Post: Literally Jen — “The Life and Death of a Series”

Wednesday May 7

“The Cassie Scot series is one of the best series around. I have truly enjoyed reading each and every one of them and can’t or hope I get to read more of Cassie’s adventures.”

  • Guest post: Books Direct — “Warning: This Series is Meant to be Read in Order”

Thursday May 8

“Amsden has done it again. Mind Games is another enticing read in the Cassie Scot series.”

Friday May 9

” I always love reading this series, and this book was no exception.  I will admit that there are several men I would have slapped if I were Cassie and probably repeatedly 😉  I’m so torn because I’m mad at Evan, but I really want her and Evan to have this amazing fairy tale ending that I secretly hope for. “

Q: n your opinion, what are the elements that make a series successful?

A: Character. Character. Character.

My favorite series have characters who rise to new challenges, and learn or grow from each encounter. Series that go on “too long” (an entirely subjective metric) usually do so because something has stagnated – often the character. For example, I stopped reading Sookie Stackhouse early on because Sookie never really evolved, IMO. She faced new challenges in each book, but she remained essentially the same. On the other hand, Harry Dresden is on book, what? Fourteen? Fifteen? I don’t mind, I’m ready for the next one!

Saturday, May 10

“Tell us in one sentence why we should read your books.

I can do it in one word – characters!”

Monday May 12

“I really like Christine Amsden’s Cassie Scot series but find myself wanting to strangle Cassie and Evan at times! Yes, they’ve both been lied to and manipulated but they really are their own worst enemies (I’m mainly blaming Evan and his actions here)! The ending to Secrets and Lies was a killer and I was torn between wanting to hug Evan and smack him. The clever thing about Amsden’s writing is how she keeps you guessing and isn’t afraid to mix things up. Just when you think certain characters are safe or the situation may finally be resolved, she throws the proverbial spanner in the works. This is both brilliant and infuriating!”

“What is your opinion on pants?

I think loose skirts are more comfortable, but most years you can only find tight skirts or worse – short, tight skirts.”

Tuesday May 13

“Christine has done it again. Forget housework i had the next book in the Cassie Scot series! Had my nose in this book for two days, would have had it done in a day if my little people hadn’t needed their momma. Now comes the sad part, the wait for book #4.”

Wednesday May 14

Q: Describe the Cassie Scot series in 10 words or less for people who are just learning about it.
A: Cassie proves you don’t need magic to be a hero.

Thursday May 15

“QUESTION:  Cassie is such a unique and interesting character. Instead of following the pattern you often see in books and making her different in a powerful way, you chose to set Cassie at a disadvantage. Do you think that helped you to make her the character that we read about in the books? Did setting her at that disadvantage make it easier or harder to write about?”

Friday May 16

“This series just keeps getting better. I know, I said that after I finished the last book, but this one was just as good. I could understand Evan’s feelings, although I was rooting for Cassie. I think Cassie is really the stronger one of the two. Don’t you? She has lived with this issue her whole life and is better equipped to handle it than Evan. However, if I had suffered all that Cassie had, I would want what was rightfully mine to begin with. The really sad thing is this has caused two people who love each other to have to end their relationship.”

Monday May 19


Tuesday May 20

One of the greatest things about this book in terms of the others is the character development. This is not in terms of how a character is written or anything technical like that, but that the characters are undergoing REAL changes as they go through these experiences in the books. They are experiencing, feeling, understanding and learning from what they do. I love this aspect especially. Cassie is not the same girl as she was when the series started. Not by a long shot!!! At the same time, she has not once been out of character.

Q: Secrets and Lies was full of deep, dark revelations for Cassie. Is she in for an easier emotional time in Mind Games?

A: No! Cassie will face her greatest challenges yet in Mind Games. She’ll come through it changed, but not entirely for the better.

Wednesday May 21

“As you reach the end of the non-stop action-filled 3rd installment of the Cassie Scot series, truths will be uncovered, secrets revealed, and lives will be forever changed.”

Thursday May 22

“Mind Games surprised me by being the best of the Cassie Scot books. The plot is as full of intrigue and mystery as the other two stories but Christine Amsden supplements this with added tension. “

Friday May 23

wow just wow.”

Q: I think a lot of us readers really enjoy the romantic tension that exists between you and Cassie. I’ve been dying to know: how much do you love Cassie?
A: I’m no poet to count the ways. But I think, even if I can never have her for myself, that I will always protect her. How much is that? Maybe not enough. I never thought love would be this hard.

Monday June 2

“Big government, didactic churches, love, rejection, betrayal—it’s a heady mix, well-brewed and scarily told. There’s just the right amount of serious soul-searching in this novel to leave readers wondering how easily societies start to fall apart.  Then there’s action and relationships, an excellent underlying mystery, good police work, wonderful characters, magical and otherwise, and ideas that invite serious thought…”

“The character development was great.”

Tuesday June 3

“I LOVED Mind Games just like other books of the series. and like always I don’t want to give you guys any spoilers so I’m telling nothing 😀 Can’t wait to read the next one!”

Wednesday June 4

“Cassie has grown tremendously over the series, evolving from a young woman who isn’t sure (at all) of her place in the world to an adult confident enough to go find it. This constant growth makes Cassie one of the most fascinating heroines that I’ve read in a long time. As the series grows, Cassie must learn to rely on herself, but Mind Games presents a twist: Cassie has to depend on her inner strength to battle through things that are completely outside of her control. “

Thursday June 5


Friday June 6

“Cassie is such a special character. It’s so hard to find characters like her.
Characters that are total fighters.
Characters that know how to take care of themselves.
Characters that know they do NOT need a man to survive. (In Cassie’s case literally.)

Even no matter how much we want that man.
I mean “She.”
No I don’t.
I really like Evan. “

Sunday, June 8

Monday June 9

” The relationships and the road they travel are fascinating, maddening and sometimes heartbreaking. Tell me that doesn’t sound like real life. I know, you may be saying I read to escape real life. I get that. I do too. Trust me, you will have that escape. After all how many paranormal relatives do you have? How many paranormal investigations are going on at your house? Exactly. You can relate to the characters but still be taken away. It is magical writing. “

“This series is a nice set to read for the summer! They are fun, fast moving, light, and has something to offer everyone. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. “

  • Guest post: Sheila Deeth — “What is Normal, Anyway?”

Tuesday June 10

“I must say this. I don’t want it to end. Stolen Dreams, the final book in this series, is coming soon and I’ll have to say goodbye to my new friends. But I plan on revisiting them again. It’s always fun to reread books that I love. It feels like coming home and I always get more out of the second reading, like when watching a movie again.”

Wednesday June 11

“*In all then, this superb series bypasses many of the urban fantasy clichés to offer a very worthy paranormal mystery for all.”

Thursday June 12

“All in all, Mind Games was another stellar addition to the series. I swear each book just gets better and better!”

“Christine Amsden knocked it out of the park when she wrote Mind Games.”

Friday June 13

“Mind Games, like all of the Cassie Scot books, doesn’t disappoint. I had to read this one in one day and I can’t wait to read the final book in the series.”

Monday June 16

“This exciting addition to a fun new adult fantasy series continues to reveal more about the complicated Cassie Scot who has to juggle her duties to the town as a deputy and the obligations inherent in being a member of a very powerful magical family. “

Tuesday June 17

“Mind Games is another great book in the series and I definitely agree with the author, Christine Amsden, that the books need to be read in order. “

Wednesday June 18

“Cassie is brave though not perfect. She makes mistakes. She has doubts. In other words, she’s human, not just a paper character in a book. The author is great at creating characters that are so real the reader can identify with them, the good and the bad ones.”

Friday June 20

Monday June 23

Tuesday June 24

Wednesday June 25

“Mind Games is the perfect title for book three of Christine Amsden’s new adult paranormal series: Cassie Scot because it is full of mind games. Misinformation being planted into the community, mind mages working their magic, and romantic tensions are all present as Cassie fights to bring back some order to her own life and the lives of the residents of Eagle Rock.”

Thursday June 26

“I am a HUGE fan of the Cassie Scot series and I couldn’t wait for book 3….I will tell you I was not disappointed!! Like the other two books, Cassie has a murder to solve that involves a sorcerer who no one really cares about.  Cassie is now dating Matthew but Evan is always present in her life adding just enough complications to the mix :)”

Friday June 27

“‘m completely hooked on this series! 🙂 This is the third book in The Cassie Scot Series, and the plot is just as exciting as the first two books in the series. It was difficult for me to leave Eagle Rock behind when I turned the last page. These characters stayed with me for quite a while; and I’m eagerly awaiting the release of Ms. Amsden’s next book; which just happens to be Book 4 in The Cassie Scot Series – Stolen Dreams! I want to know what happens next.”

Monday June 30

” Cassie has got to be one of my favorite female leads in a book.”

Tuesday July 1

“After the intensely emotional roller coaster of Secrets and Lies, I had no idea what the third installment in this series would reveal about Cassie’s life.  This book picked up right where the second one left off, and pulled me right back into the emotional turmoil between Cassie and Evan. “

“The main thing I love about Christine Amsden’s books is that the woman gives you a STORY. ‘Mind Games’ drags you in so that you worry about characters and what’s happening to them.There are moments that are heart stopping..”

Wednesday July 2

“All in all, another great installment of the Cassie Scot series.”

Thursday July 3

“Before I go ranting and raving about how awesome this book is and how you must buy it and all the others ones… because I can, just know that I highly recommend it. It’s great for paranormal and detective lovers out there. Trust me! You won’t be sorry you did!”

~Rose: Do you plan on writing other books after this series is finished?

~Christine: Yes, but I’m not sure what yet. I do still have to finish the two spin-offs. Madison’s Song is in the editorial phase (and should be out in early 2015) but Kaitlin’s Tale is in early rough draft form. When I’m done with that I think I’ll do what I did for Cassie … take a writing hiatus and wait for inspiration to strike. When I force the issue, things seem to go badly. If it takes a while for inspiration to strike, I may try a writing how-to book. I’ve got some extensive notes for one already.

But there will be more stories. I’m only 37 and have a lot of years ahead of me to create!

Monday July 7

“I absolutely love the mixture in these books and they do not disappoint. “

Tuesday July 8

Wednesday July 9

“So I realllllly loved this book! Each book is just better and better and I can’t wait to see what Christine has in store next!”

Thursday July 10

Monday July 14

“Mind Games by Christine Amsden is the third book in the Cassie Scot paranormal series and is an enjoyable addition. I love the mix of romance and fantasy and mystery. The characters are well-written. Cassie is a great character and you just really like her and want things to work out for her. This is a fun paranormal series and I’m really looking forward to the conclusion in book four.”

Tuesday July 15

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